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Something that will help in our aim to keep the local community at its best.

Some volunteers work with us occasionally to help at an event, while others take part in, or help run, weekly activities.

Volunteers can be people that you will recognise from the local area… but they are also just friends that  you have not met yet.

Helping out at YOUR local park or at community events is a great way to meet members of the local community.


Local volunteers are encouraged to join in our park crews

You can help by:

Spending half an hour each week filling a bag of rubbish from your local street

Walking a neighbour to community events

Helping with the running of weekly activities

Becoming a fundraiser

Acting as a steward at events

Helping with admin and marketing

Or just enjoy using the park

The Friends of Harrow Weald are committed to making a difference to our local area for the benefit of everyone.

We are working towards creating a vibrant community hub, and open spaces that can cater for the needs of many people. We aim to provide, as well as a quiet and reflective place, a happy and welcoming environment to share, where everyone can enjoy events and sport and develop respect for the environment.

Volunteering can mean different things to everyone.

Whatever your idea of volunteering is, we're sure to have something to suit you! Something that will help us in our aim to keep the local community at its best. While some volunteers work with us one time only, to help at an event, others are taking part in, or are regularly running, weekly activities.  All are important to us.

Volunteers are often people you will recognise from the local area…but they are also just friends you have not yet met.

Helping out at YOUR local park or at community events is a great way to meet members of the local community.

Our volunteers provide amazing support across a broad spectrum, whether it be by regularly collecting rubbish from the park and their local street, or perhaps befriending a neighbour and assisting them to come to our community events, or to enjoy a walk in the park.  Volunteers also help to make our events successful, by spreading the word about what is available for the community to enjoy, stewarding at events and by fundraising to make some of the events possible. Helping with admin and marketing is also an ongoing necessity. 

It can take a lot of resourcefulness and determination to improve the past problems that may have developed in the park, before new ideas can evolve.  To help our group, and other groups, we are developing a community hub to provide a centralised knowledge base, providing information that could help all community groups. This is just one way in which we can grow together.

Nature Series

Gardeners, litter pickers and people that plant and help are our nature heroes. Our hope is to EXTEND AND EXPAND a crew of local people who WANT to help with our park's well being.

We have several projects designed to encourage young people to help and take responsibility for their own local space, through nature and fun activities.

Volunteer Groups

Help support The Friends' Activities

Carry Out Park Maintenance

Join the Litter Picking Crew

Record & Monitor Wildlife

Join the Biodiversity Crew

Lock the Park Gates

Support Biodiversity - Gardening

Join the Healthy Harrow Weald Group

Help to prevent Crime and Antisocial Behaviour

Help with Event Organisation

Support the History of Harrow Weald