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It is truly inspirational to discover so many like minded people, who see value in transforming our parks, and to see the benefit of people's actions in uplifting areas around our parks and in the community life. 

Below is a brief outline of how our volunteers have organised themselves into functioning practical groups, that offer knowledge and support where needed. 

We hope that you might feel inspired to join these volunteers and help your local community.  These groups share information online via our smark park information hub.


This group is responsible for the wellbeing of nature in the park. They undertake general maintenance tasks including planting bulbs and plants, and helping to tidy and maintain the trees and hedges.

There are often new projects to work on, and extra support is always welcome. If you have an interest in gardening, nature and wildlife of all kinds, this group would be especially suited to you.


The improved cleanliness of our park has proven to be one of the key issues that people have responded to, and it is this group who are mainly responsible for these improvements. Litter picking is undertaken at different times and some of the group work on a daily or weekly basis.

In addition, there is the chance to join together once a month on a Sunday morning to ensure that everything is as clean as possible and that any problem areas are identified and dealt with.

The Clean Team also help with general maintenance and operate a rota for locking and unlocking the park gates where required.


Regular Tai Chi sessions are already held in the park, and a walking group is in action.  Plans to start yoga classes, self-defence sessions and a cycle group are also underway.

If you would like to join a group, or can help teach, run, or set up any health related groups to broaden the things that we have on offer, we would love to hear from you.


Many people in the local community have an interest that covers both the parks and the entire local area. We are seeking to create and maintain a safe and friendly environment. Members of this group work with the aim of improving and finding solutions to any antisocial behaviour or crime in the area.

We are learning from our successes, and we have helped to improve areas of the park for the better.  But there is always more to do. Members of this group take responsibility for liaising with the police, and raising awareness amongst the wider group and the local community concerning any problems that arise.


Each active year numerous community events are overseen, run and organised by volunteers. This group take responsibility for organising everything involved with the events, including managing the health and safety and arranging the required documentation for holding these events.

Volunteers also need to be available to take part in these events, as well as to create and plan new events. On occasion, as many as 15 people are needed to run an event, and this group always welcome additional help.


Local issues and problems are more likely to be solved when all community groups work together to share information and knowledge.

Our action group helps to liaise with organisations to assist in removing any obstacles, including anti social behaviour, that concern and affect the wellbeing of the local community.

The Friends' group strategy  is to walk round, walk through, and walk over obstacles, using the strength of community cohesion, technology, and support.


The Harrow Weald park area is steeped in history.

If you are interested in the history and would like to build an online resource for public use, based around parks, please let us know. If you have any pictures to share, or know any interesting facts about the area, we would be delighted to see and hear them.


We have some members who understand the powerful nature of opensource software, and the community spirit this area of business creates. Jugs, Wugs and Tugs are user groups set up to share free information and teach each other new skills. Subjects covered: all open source, Joomla, Wordpress, Virtuemart, wp.

Please contact us for more details.


Local businesses and individuals have already given welcome support, offering their skills and providing much needed financial help.

This has allowed the group to continue with our important work, since forming in September 2017. There is much more planned for the future, but to achieve these goals we need to raise funds and gain further support and momentum.

Volunteers in this group help to communicate with local businesses, to make them aware of our projects and goals. They also make businesses aware of the free services we offer, and help build long term mutually beneficial partnerships.

If you are a local business and would like to work in partnership with us, through providing skills, expertise, volunteers or donations, please let us know and we will put you in touch with our Local Business working group.


This group provides the essential support needed to manage the administration functions of the charity. They help to coordinate schedules, licences, grants and liaise with the council and the public.

The important issues of safety and insurance, ensuring compliance requirements are met, and that figures are in order, is also part of this group's remit.

As the Friends Group expands, there is a growing need for further administration support and volunteers are very much welcomed.